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Giving Back

Just Between Friends is an incredible community event that provides amazing opportunities for our consignors, shoppers and charities.

Consignors: have the opportunity to make money on their gently loved items.  Participating with JBF assures those items get in front of thousands of shoppers giving them the opportunity to look and touch the items.   Many consignors have used their checks to pay off bills, go on vacations, fix their vehicles or add it to their savings accounts.

Shoppers: get to shop for quality, name brand items at a fraction of retail prices, allowing them to purchase more with less.  Shoppers have shown such appreciation for the JBF events and many will plan their semi-annual shopping trips around JBF because they know they will find good quality items at low prices.

Charities: that we partner with benefit because of the generous donations of JBF consignors.  Consignors who choose to donate, contribute to the needs of a local charity who in turn makes sure those items benefit many in our communities on different levels.  In The Image, Alpha Women's Center and Grand Rapids Public Schools Title One program are so appreciative of all the donations.  Last year, our consignors donated over 19,000 items to those charities.

In The Image

In the Image Mission Statement:

 In The Image’s mission is to link new and gently used clothing, household items, furniture, and appliances with people in need.

From the executive director:   In The Image opens it's Free Store doors six days a week to the community and provides the most basic items such as clothes, household items, small appliances, anything you can think of to start a home or make ends meet. We serve, on average, 400 customers each week, 70% of those customers are first time shoppers.

A person or family may only shop once, finding clothing, personal hygiene items, and the basics due to a fire or relocation because of domestic violence. We may see repeating customers because they are trying to make ends meet and are unable to work because of a disability. Whatever the reason, In The Image is here to serve without judgment, we do not need to know the reason someone uses our Free Store, only that they are finding what they are looking for at that moment.

Just Between Friends stocks our Children’s section throughout the entire year. If we did not have the partnership of Just Between Friends, children would go without and our young families would not find the much needed items to provide for their children. Thousands upon thousands of items have been donated through Just Between Friends over the years. Strollers, toys, bottles, clothing, coats, hats, gloves, boots – these are only a few of the much needed items we see come from the donations of Just Between Friends. 60% of our shoppers in 2015 had children under the age of 12.

Thank you to the consignors of Just Between Friends for being so generous.  Click here to see how much our consignor's donations impact the community.




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Vendors - Want to Sell at JBF? Click Here!

We know!  Raising kids is expensive!  That's why we are in your community, our community - your partners in family savings!

Between us, we have 5 busy boys and we benefit from JBF in different ways.  From selling their items, to buying next seasons clothes, JBF meets all of our needs.  The selection is HUGE and the prices are low - JBF makes "YES" possible.  It's a win-win and why we love JBF...we know you will too!

Plus, by selling and buying at JBF, we do our part to keep extra packaging and waste out of our landfills.